Peter Wells

Peter Wells is a Professor of Business and Sustainability at Cardiff University and a Research Fellow at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. He has vast experience of research into the global automotive industry around which he has developed his academic and theoretic interests in socio-technical transitions, business models, cultures of automobility, and sustainability. Peter is interested in the automotive industry; in how new technologies, new fuels, and new systems of production and consumption can reduce the industry's climate change impacts; and in approaches more sustainable personal mobility.

Tellus Publications (Selected)

Technological Change and Regulation in the Car Industry

Philip Vergragt, Paul Nieuwenhuis, Peter Wells

The choices we have made over the past 200 years about modes and technologies of transportation have brought us unprecedented global interaction and, in many respects, increased personal freedom. However, all this mobility has come at a cost to society, to the economy, and to the environment. This special issue of Greener Management International attempts to inform the broad and systemic change required in the wider concept of automobility by exploring the role of the regulator, in particular in the context of more recent co-operative and partnership approaches with private-sector stakeholders, particularly the automotive industry.

Originally published in Greener Management International 47 (Autumn 2004): 5-11.