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Julie Matthaei
Julie Matthaei is a Professor of Economics at Wellesley College, where she teaches courses on feminist economics and the political economy of gender, race, and class. She has been active in feminist, peace, ecology, LBGTQ, and anti-racist movements, and co-founded the U.S. Solidarity Economy Network. Matthaei. She is the author of An Economic History of Women in America; the co-author, with Teresa Amott, of Race, Gender and Work; and the co-editor of Solidarity Economy: Building Alternatives for People and Planet. Her next book is From Inequality to Solidarity: Co-Creating a New Economics for the Twenty-First Century (forthcoming). She holds a PhD in economics from Yale University.

Tellus Publications (Selected)

Feminism and Revolution: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Julie Matthaei

An implacable and inclusive feminism remains essential for building the larger solidarity politics and economics we need for a Great Transition that eliminates oppression of all kinds.

With a Roundtable discussion on “Feminism and Revolution: Looking Back, Looking Ahead," featuring Anamaria Aristizabal, Lourdes Benería, Susan Butler, Kavita Byrd, Arturo Escobar, David Fell, Miki Kashtan, Khawar Mumtaz, and Noha Tarek.