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Jerome Ravetz

Jerome Ravetz is a founder of the discipline of post-normal science and a leading advocate of citizen engagement in science. He is Associate Fellow at the James Martin Institute for Science, Innovation and Society at Oxford University. Formerly, he was a Reader in the History & Philosophy of Science at Leeds University and co-founder and Executive Secretary (1973–76) of the Council for Science and Society. He is the author of Scientific Knowledge and Its Social Problems (1971) and The No-Nonsense Guide to Science (2005), and the co-author (with S. O. Funtowicz) of The Merger of Knowledge with Power (1990) and Uncertainty and Quality in Science for Policy (1990).

Tellus Publications (Selected)

Democratizing Science in an Age of Uncertainty

Jerome Ravetz

A founder of science and society studies recounts his intellectual journey and explains how the doctrine of predictive science has limited applicability to today’s vexing challenges. We need a “post-normal science” that acknowledges inherent risk, indeterminism, and the relevance of human values and interests.