H. Ott

Hermann Ott is founder and Managing Director of the Germany Office for ClientEarth, an international environmental law organization, and a professor at the University of Sustainable Development in Eberswalde. Previously, he directed the Wuppertal Institute Climate Policy Division and founded its Berlin Office. From 2009 to 2013, he was a Member of the Bundestag and served as the Greens’ speaker on climate policy. He has served on the boards of Greenpeace Germany and the German Environment Foundation, and is currently on the Executive Committee of the German League for Nature, Animal and Environment Protection.

Tellus Publications (Selected)

South-North Dialogue: Equity in the Greenhouse

H. Ott, Sivan Kartha, B. Brouns, H. Winkler

Regardless of when or whether the Kyoto Protocol enters into force, the challenge of future climate negotiations will be to embed the next steps in a long-term framework that aims at an adequate and equitable global climate agreement that takes into account the right to sustainable development of all countries. This proposal examines equitable approaches to mitigation—including both deep cuts in the North and differentiated mitigation commitments for developing countries. It also examines adaptation, as no agreement will be equitable or adequate if it fails to incorporate appropriate burden sharing mechanisms to address the needs of those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.