Edward Reiskin

Tellus Publications (Selected)

Servicizing the Chemical Supply Chain

Allen White, Edward Reiskin, Thomas Votta

This report uses the example of chemical management services to illustrate the partnership concept, wherein financial rewards of reduced material consumption are shared between supplier and customer.

Snapshots of Environmental Cost Accounting

Robert Graff, Edward Reiskin, Allen White, Katherine Bidwell

This report demonstrates the financial results of actual environmental accounting applications. It highlights thirty-nine cases of companies using various forms of environmental accounting (EA) and offers a more detailed review (snapshot) of all of these cases. The snapshots represent applications of EA in small, medium, and large businesses in a variety of industries, and in a range of business decisions. Examples run the gamut from a small manufacturer of wooden doors examining an investment in a new lacquer process, to a large multinational health care products company measuring the value of its proactive environmental management program.