Annette Huber-Lee

Tellus Publications (Selected)

WEAP: Water Evaluation And Planning System User Guide (for WEAP 21)

Jack Sieber, Annette Huber-Lee, Paul Raskin, David Purkey

The Water Evaluation and Planning System (WEAP) aims to incorporate concerns about allocation of limited water resources, environmental quality, and sustainable water use into a practical tool for water resources planning. As a database, WEAP provides a system for maintaining water demand and supply information. As a forecasting tool, WEAP simulates water demand, supply, flows, and storage, as well as pollution generation, treatment and discharge. As a policy analysis tool, WEAP evaluates a full range of water development and management options and takes account of multiple and competing uses of water systems.

The Effects of Irrigation on Wetland Ecosystems in Developing Countries: A Literature Review

Annette Huber-Lee, H. Galbraith

This report reviews the scientific and “gray” literature to evaluate the extent to which irrigation has been shown to affect wetland ecosystems in developing countries. It aims to provide answers that may be useful in developing alternative future strategies for irrigation implementation and to assist in mitigating potential future ecological impacts. To the extent possible, it focuses on all potential types of impacts of irrigation on wetlands, including the effects of both water withdrawals upstream of the wetland and irrigation activities within the wetland itself.

Municipal, Industrial and Energy Water Demands Indicators and Indices for the World Water Development Report

Annette Huber-Lee, Eric Kemp-Benedict

This report develops indicators that both address the three challenge areas -- Water and Energy, Water and Industry, and Water and Cities -- and readily feed into the remaining challenge areas of the WWAP.