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Robert Paehlke
Robert Paehlke, a political scientist, is Professor Emeritus of Environmental and Resource Studies at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. He was editor of the environmental journal/magazine Alternatives from its founding in 1971 until 1982 and continues to serve on its editorial board and blogs on the politics of the environment. He is author or editor of seven books, including Hegemony and Global Citizenship: Transitional Governance for the 21st Century (2014); Some Like It Cold: the Politics of Climate Change in Canada (2008); Democracy’s Dilemma: Environment, Social Equity and the Global Economy (2004); and Environmentalism and the Future Of Progressive Politics (1991). In 1995 he edited Conservation and Environmentalism: An Encyclopedia.

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Global Citizenship: Plausible Fears and Necessary Dreams

Robert Paehlke

In an increasingly interdependent world, the question is not whether there will be global governance, but whether it will be democratic and integrative. To democratize international affairs, we must expand the concept and practice of citizenship.