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John Bellamy Foster
John Bellamy Foster is the editor of Monthly Review and a Professor of Sociology at the University of Oregon. His research is devoted to critical inquiries into theory and history, focusing primarily on the economic, political, and ecological contradictions of capitalism and imperialism, but also encompassing the wider realm of social theory as a whole. He is the author of The Theory of Monopoly Capitalism (1986, 2014), The Vulnerable Planet (1994, 1999), Marx’s Ecology (2000), Ecology Against Capitalism (2002), Critique of Intelligent Design (with Brett Clark and Richard York, 2008), The Ecological Revolution (2009), The Great Financial Crisis (with Fred Magdoff, 2009), The Ecological Rift (with Brett Clark and Richard York, 2010), What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know about Capitalism (with Fred Magdoff, 2011), The Endless Crisis (with Robert W. McChesney, 2012), and Marx and the Earth (with Paul Burkett, forthcoming 2016).

Tellus Publications (Selected)

Marxism and Ecology: Common Fonts of a Great Transition

John Bellamy Foster

This essay uncovers the deep ecological roots of Marxism, finding concepts that anticipate such contemporary notions as sustainable development and planetary boundaries. This common wellspring, it argues, supports a unified socialist and ecological project for a Great Transition.

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