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Cristina Escrigas

Cristina Escrigas is the former Executive Director of, and current adviser to, the Global University Network for Innovation (GUNi), an organization created by UNESCO, the United Nations University, and the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). Prior to her tenure at GUNi, she worked at UPC for twelve years in strategic management and institutional change, and five years as Director of the Seminar in Strategic Management of Universities. She was previously Director of the UNESCO Chair in Higher Education Management, developing strategies for universities in Spain and Latin America. She has conducted numerous research projects and organized international conferences on emerging issues in higher education. She is a sociologist by training and holds degrees from UPC, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and the GR Institute.

Tellus Publications (Selected)

A Higher Calling for Higher Education

Cristina Escrigas

Higher education institutions are beset by forces of marketization and internationalization amidst a rapidly changing world. The potential for the university to become a transformative agent, however, still exists—if it can transform itself pedagogically, epistemologically, and politically.

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