research and action for a global civilization of
sustainability, equity, and well-being


Integrated Scenarios

Envisioning and simulating alternative global and regional futures

Great Transition Initiative

A growing international effort to spread Great Transition ideas

Corporate Redesign

Aligning the future corporation with society’s goals

Sustainable Communities

Bringing a systemic and global framework to local initiatives  

Which Future?

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The Century Ahead: Searching for Sustainability

Quantitative analysis of four scenarios.

Great Transition:
The Promise and Lure of the Times Ahead

The path-breaking essay on challenges, scenarios, and strategies for a new agenda.

World Lines:
A Framework for Exploring Global Pathways

A framework for mapping trajectories between current realities and alternative futures.

Video: Global Futures

A lecture by Tellus President Paul Raskin.

Prime Minister of Bhutan:

"We need a fundamental transformation that the Tellus Institute calls The Great Transition."